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Working hours

Museum of Contemporary Art

Ušće 10, blok 15, Belgrade
Working hours: from 10:00 to 18:00, Thursday from 10:00 to 22:00
The Museum is closed on Tuesdays
Admission fees
Individual visit - 300 rsd
Group visit - 200 rsd
Students, pensioners - 150 rsd
Free admission on Wednesdays/p>


Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art

14 Pariska St., Belgrade
Working hours: from 12:00 to 20:00, except Tuesdays
Admission is free of charge


Gallery-Legacy of Milica Zorić & Rodoljub Čolaković

2 Rodoljuba Čolakovića St, Belgrade
Working hours: from 12:00 to 20:00, except Tuesdays
Admission is free of charge

Invisible violence / Screening and talk about filmography of Pavel Brăila / SKC / 30.06.14 at 8pm

Talk programs | 30.06.2014

Screening and talk about the filmography of Pavel Braila

Grand Hall of the Students Cultural Centre (48 Kralja Milana Street)
June 30, 2014 at 8 pm

Film Programme:
"Shoes for Europe", 2002, Video, 26’
"Chişinău - City Difficult to Pronounce",  2011, Video, 57’25”

Pavel Brăila’s video gives a demonstration of the differences in cultural and economic identity in Eastern and Western Europe. At the tiny railway station of Ungheni, along the border between Moldavia and Romania, the track width of the Russian train from Moldavia needs to be converted to the standard width used in Romania and Western Europe. Working clandestinely - the artist filmed the laborious transition of the train from East to West, along with the enormous amount of manpower needed to complete the adaptation. Each train is detained for three hours and lifted two meters into the air for the undercarriage to be replaced, while passengers are being checked by customs officers.

Inspired by Walter Ruttmann’s 1927 film "Berlin: Symphony of a Metropolis", Brăila’s project follows the life of the city throughout one year, at the end of which he is editing the footage as one day, no narrative, no commentary, just the documentary material with the real sound. The constantly changing appearance of his city as well as the lack in the national archives of the country of any recorded visual material documenting these changes from the past 20 years had made the artist determined to embark on this memory project, which is at the same time an urban diary and a historical and anthropological filmic essay. More than the formal cinematic experience created by the different rhythms of the city, and in a multi-perspectival shift offered by the triptych presentation, the project constitutes itself in a document which allows the viewer not only to follow the city’s idiosyncrasies but also to become a witness of its irreversible transformation. His project is thus a chronicle of a present rapidly becoming history, with its public being the only ones retaining a memory soon to be erased.

Pavel Brăila (MD) (born in 1971) is a visual artist and film-maker based in Chişinău, Moldova. He received international acclaim and recognition with his 2002 film Shoes for Europe. Projects he realized since then include "AlteArte" – a TV program on contemporary art aired on the national channel Moldova1, "Barons’Hill" – a six-channel video work (2005) showcasing a new and vainglorious Sinti and Roma architecture currently arising in Moldova, an award-winning film "Definitively Unfinished" (2010); and more recently, "Talking Letters" (2013), a film researching the Romani language. "Chişinău, a City Difficult to Pronounce" is part of "Odyssey MD-2010", an ambitious project aiming at documenting a year of life in Moldova.

Film programme is organized in the framework of the project “Invisibile violence”, a multi-disciplinary project co-produced by the Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade (MoCAB) and ARTIUM Basque Museum-Centre of Contemporary Art.

This collaboration involves two distinct but jointly curated exhibitions, a film program to accompany both exhibitions, a conference in partnership with local academic bodies, and a series of talks, panel discussions and educational workshops. Exhibition in ARTIUM, Basque Museum-Center of Contemporary Art – Vitoria, Spain will be organized from September 12th, 2014 to January 11th, 2015.

The exhibition "Invisible violence" organized in the Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Heritage House and Institute Cervantes can be seen till June 30.

More information about the project