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Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art
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2 Rodoljuba Čolakovića St, Belgrade

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7 Ways to Overcome the Closed Circuit

Programme | 20.09.2013

7 Ways to Overcome the Closed Circuit 

Künstlerhaus Bremen, Germany
September 20 - December 29, 2013

Authors of the exhibition and whole project: Stefanie Böttcher and Una Popović

Artist: Ulf Aminde / Libia Castro & Ólafur Ólafsson / Marlene Haring / Eva Kotakova / Mladen Miljanović / Ivana Smiljanić / Saša Tkačenko

Collaborative project of Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade and Künstlerhaus Bremen, Germany

International group exhibition 7 Ways to Overcome the Closed Circuit in Künstlerhaus Bremen in Germany represents a collaborative project between the Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade and the Künstlerhaus Bremen, which is united under the title Ways to Overcome.

The entire project implies organization of two different exhibitions, in two spaces, the Künstlerhaus Bremen and the Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade. The first part of the project includes the exhibition entitled 7 Ways to Overcome Closed Circuit at the Künstlerhaus Bremen, while the second part of the project is the exhibition 8 Ways to Overcome Space and Time in the Salon of the MoCA.

The entire project entitled Ways to Overcome implies cooperation between two art institutions and seeks to present and reexamine the restrictive relationship between inner and outer, belonging and exclusion, but also the parameters of the space-time continuum. Starting from the processes of joining forces, communication and cooperation between the two stated art institutions, from countries completely different both socially and economically, Serbia and Germany, and in fact focusing on the position of artist as an individual in the given system, the exhibition reexamines the interrelation and influence, but also the ways to overcome space and time that influence the connection between two institutions in two remote countries, not forgetting the reality of inclusion and segregation that still exists, notwithstanding aspirations to equality.

The diametrical term pairs inner vs. outer imply a demarcation. The condition is a space or line, where essential diversities get together. Furthermore it's inevitable that each separating line gets closed at a certain point. The absolute dissolving does not exist. In bordering, existence becomes manifest and particularly this insuperable fact forms the real fascination. Not only does it refer to administrative or political borders, but is much more far-reaching, affecting the mantle of the body just like the walls of a museum or the extent of a thought.

7 Ways to Overcome the Closed Circuit is devoted to perforating the membranes that divide every element and thing. The participating artists present the result of having constantly puncturing this skin, making an escape from a system to which they nonetheless cling to. Artistic attempts to break out of the closed circuit will be on show while the "circle" itself is treated as a working material. Temptation and danger are equally involved in this process, because leaving the circuit also means acting against it. Extreme, subversive, quiet, loud or poetic acts initiate the overcoming of frontiers – be they between states or architectural units, be they mental barriers or social conventions.

7 Ways to Overcome the Closed Circuit is presented in cooperation with the Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade, where the second part of the exhibition will open in November 2013.

26.09.2013, 20:00 // 7 Different Initiatives to Overcome... // Una Popović and Ivan Petrović, photographer and Founder of the Centre for Photography, Belgrade
17.10.2013, 19:00 // Künstlerische Grenzbewegungen // lecture by Dr. Anna-Lena Wenzel, Kunsttheoretikerin, Berlin
22.11.2013, 19:00 // Sibylle Springer lädt ein // Premiere Halldorophone Suite Nr. 1 by Hlynur Aðils Vilmarsson, performs by Lynda Cortis // Stadtwaage Bremen, Langenstraße 13
Die Veranstaltung findet in Zusammenarbeit mit REM, projektgruppe neue musik bremen statt.
05.12.2013, 19:00 // Doris Weinberger lädt ein // lecture by Stefan Kaegi, Theatermacher und Mitglied von Rimini Protokoll // Atelier Doris Weinberger, Künstlerhaus Bremen

Guided tours:
07.11.2013, 19:00 // 19.12.2013, 19:00

The exhibition is funded by Karin und Uwe Hollweg-Stiftung, Waldemar Koch Stiftung and Sparkasse Bremen.

7 Ways to Overcome the Closed Circuit
7 Ways to Overcome the Closed Circuit
7 Ways to Overcome the Closed Circuit
7 Ways to Overcome the Closed Circuit
7 Ways to Overcome the Closed Circuit
7 Ways to Overcome the Closed Circuit
7 Ways to Overcome the Closed Circuit
7 Ways to Overcome the Closed Circuit