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NUDE in the Painting of Petar Dobrović

Programme | 22.12.2011
in the Painting of Petar Dobrović

Gallery of Petar Dobrović, 36/IV Kralja Petra St.
Decembre 22, 2011 – Decembre 17, 2012.

Author of the exhibition: Rajka Bosković

Nude as a subject engaged Petar Dobrović from the very beginning of his creative endeavors and he kept coming back to it throughout his artistic production. The exhibition Nude in the Painting of Petar Dobrović will present 21 artworks of this artist – in various techniques (oil on canvas, pastel, watercolor, tempera, gouache and drawing) from different periods of his painting body of work.

In Dobrović’s painting nude is a motive for different kinds of researches, stylistic and thematic, starting from mythological and Biblical themes in the early period, to explorations of cubistic, expressionistic and fauvist forms, anatomic studies of naked body, to intimate portrayals of nude indoors.

A special quality in the painting output of Petar Dobrović concerning the theme of nude is the fact that he is one of the few painters in the history of art who also did depictions of self-nude, namely whose own naked body served as a model for painting.

The basic idea of the exhibition is nudity as natural (and primeval) condition of the human being, having in mind that throughout the history of human civilization, the primary function of clothing as the protection from cold (or warmth) often became a reflection of pride, ostentatiousness and vanity – as indicators of social status.

In a time where we are constantly and frantically overwhelmed with vulgar portrayals of naked human body, both via printed and electronic media, this exhibition has a goal to point out and demonstrate the artistic vision and representation of nudity, through a poeticized perception of nudity – as chastity and genuine purity of primeval existence of the human being.

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