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Working hours

Museum of Contemporary Art
Ušće 10, blok 15, Belgrade

Working hours:
12:00 - 20:00
The Museum is closed to the public on Tuesday.

Ticket price: 500 rsd
Students of universities, high schools and elementary schools, pensioners, holders of EYCA, City Card and City Pass: 250 rsd

Free admission:
Visitors with disabilities, pregnant individuals, children under the age of 7, students and professors of art history, architecture, fine and applied arts faculties, journalists, employees from related cultural institutions, members of ICOM, AICA, IKT, ULUS, ULUPUDS and other professional associations.

Information about group visits and tours is available on 063-862-3129 and

All discounts are realized by presenting valid ID at the Museum till.
Entrance to the Museum is free every Wednesday


Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art
14 Pariska St., Belgrade

Working hours: 12:00 - 20:00 The Salon is closed to the public on Tuesday. Entrance to the Salon is free of charge.


Gallery-Legacy of Milica Zorić & Rodoljub Čolaković

2 Rodoljuba Čolakovića St, Belgrade

Working hours: 12:00 - 20:00
The Legacy is closed to the public on Tuesday.
Entrance to the Legacy is free of charge.

Belgrade: Another Gaze

Belgrade: Another gaze is dedicated to the interpretation of the city through the perspective of marginalized groups. It is carried out through training and public promotion of alternative guides – persons with disability whose encounters with Belgrade’s citizens and visitors offer an insight into a less visible (less promoted) city. Besides offering historical facts, which represent mainly an “excuse” for a tour, an alternative guide offers a personal interpretation of the places he/she chooses to present.

The project is intended as an initiative for public critique of the present moment and the overall understanding of the problems of inaccessibility of the public space, as well as of an insufficient integration of minority groups. The project also represents an opportunity to re-evaluate and analyze the city. It promotes dialogue in culture and education between members of marginalized groups and the wider public (local and foreign), with the task to observe the city’s potential and its problems, and to identify and initiate public requests for specific improvements of the general quality of life.

The training of the alternative guides has been carried out through workshops held by artists, art historians, museum curators, architects, theatre performers, etc.

Public tours with alternative guides have been accomplished since 2009 in collaboration with museums, festivals, schools and tourist organizations in the city. Most locations are not part of the official tourist map of the city, and are often quite opposite then the overall desired image of Belgrade, promoted by the authorities. These places were chosen for their significance in understanding the process of transformation of the city in the past two decades.

Along with the tours, the project also included exhibitions, participations in festivals and fairs, as well as video clips broadcasted daily for about a year on a national network B92.

Belgrade: Another gaze has been accomplished through collaboration between MoCAB Centre for Visual Culture and the Centre for International Studies of Art (CMUS), together with Tourist Organization of Belgrade, Ethnographic Museum, Cultural Centre Stari grad and the association Živeti uspravno.

The author of the project is a Belgrade and Florence based artist, Dejan Atanacković.

Belgrade: Another Gaze
Belgrade: Another Gaze
Belgrade: Another Gaze
Belgrade: Another Gaze
Belgrade: Another Gaze
Belgrade: Another Gaze
Belgrade: Another Gaze