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Museum of Contemporary Art
Ušće 10, blok 15, Belgrade

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Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art
14 Pariska St., Belgrade

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Gallery-Legacy of Milica Zorić & Rodoljub Čolaković

2 Rodoljuba Čolakovića St, Belgrade
Closed to the public.

MoCAB offers a free colouring book for all ages

Talk programs | 22.05.2020


We have recently witnessed the global boom of the genre of colouring books for adults. Publications filled with line drawings of mandalas, complex floral compositions, and cityscapes are now regularly seen in bookstores. So the colouring book, usually made for children, has transcended the age barrier and found the realm of its possibilities expanded. That might be of value in the situation we are now facing, when art lovers in self-isolation are prevented from coming into unmediated contact with museums and exhibitions. A colouring book with selected artworks could partly compensate for that missing contact. Print out these line drawings, sharpen your coloured pencils and get acquainted with selected works from our collection.

For those who don't have printers or pencils, or perhaps don't want to leave their screens, we have prepared image files with colouring book drawings. You may colour them on your computers in many different ways — using free apps that come with your operating systems, using image editing software, or online services for colouring. We found Petalica Paint — an online service for automatic colourisation based on artificial intelligence — particularly interesting. If you make colouring hints on different parts of drawings, the algorithm should produce interesting results based on them. You can visit and give it a try.

Please send us the photos/files of your colouring works on and/or share them on social media and tag the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade (fb: MSUB / MoCAB, ig: msub_mocab) and our colouring book (#MoCABcolouring or #MoCABcoloring).

Download the free colouring book for all ages with reproductions of the artworks included in the exhibition “Reflections of Our Time: Acquisitions of the Museum of Contemporary Art 1993–2019”.