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Working hours

Museum of Contemporary Art
Ušće 10, blok 15, Belgrade

The Museum is closed to the public


Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art
14 Pariska St., Belgrade

The Salon of the MoCAB is closed to the public


Gallery-Legacy of Milica Zorić & Rodoljub Čolaković

2 Rodoljuba Čolakovića St, Belgrade
Closed to the public.

MoCAB-cinema notebooks

MoCAB-Cinema notebooks edition follows the Museum’s programme which brings forth examinations, interpretations and presentations of the works produced in the film medium within the context of contemporary visual arts. Books and essays collections in film history and theory, film aesthetics, as well as the volumes accompanying theme-centred and retrospective programmes concepts, are published in this edition. 

Pavle Levi: Cinema by Other Means
edited by: Vesna Milić
translated by: Đorđe Tomić
year of publication: 2013.
number of pages: 249
dimensions: 20 cm
ISBN 978-86-7101-293-5 (MSU)
ISBN 978-86-7227-080-8 (FCS)

Puriša Đorđević: Dream, Morning, Noon
authored by: Vesna Milić, Srđan Vučinić, Stevan Vuković, Dinko Tucaković
edited by: Vesna Milić
translated by: Novica Petrović
year of publication: 2011.
number of pages: 59
dimensions: 20 cm
ISBN 978-86-7101-282-9

Cinema-Tom: Antioni G. Lauer, or Tomislav Gotovac between Zagreb and Belgrade
authored by: Slobodan Šijan
edited by: Vesna Milić, Diana Nenadić
photo-selection made by: Slobodan Šijan
year of publication: 2012.
number of pages: 356
dimensions: 20 cm
ISBN 978-86-7101-284-3