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Poetics and Symbols of Miodrag B. Protić

Programme | 18.02.2014

Poetics and Symbols of Miodrag B. Protić
(from his Legacy in the Museum of Contemporary Art)

curator: Svetlana Jovanović
concept: Ješa Denegri (PhD)

The exhibition Poetics and Symbols of Miodrag B. Protić (from his Legacy in the Museum of Contemporary Art) encompasses the work of Miodrag B. Protić as a painter produced in the period from 1962 until today. Idea for organising this exhibition was directly prompted by the gift which Miodrag B. Protić, in 2005, offered to the Museum of Contemporary Art, and which was to fill certain gaps within the extant Legacy. The works selected for this exhibition include the representative pieces by Miodrag B. Protić, not only from the Museum’s Legacy but also from the whole of the Museum’s collection, and the exhibition not only reveals author’s highly developed individuality, but also gives an insight into the intricate complexities of the syntax of modern visual art. This exhibition, also, underscores the relevance of the Legacy itself as a whole, constituted by major works from particular cycles (Horizons 1971-1974; Constellations 1972-1980; Miločer cycle 1974-1976; Hommage to Maljevič 1976-1982; Signs of Evening 1979-1980) opening extraordinary possibilities of approach to the continuity as well as totality of the artist’s visual work.

Miodrag B. Protić (Vrnjačka Banja, 1922) was one of the major personalities in the national cultural and art scene of the second half of the 1900s. Through his activities as a painter, theoretician, critic, art historian, founder and longstanding manager of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade (1959-1980), Modrag B. Protić proved himself to be a personality indispensable for the understanding of all of the aforementioned parts of the country’s cultural and artistic life. For his previous work he received numerous international and national acknowledgments. From 1967 he is a corresponding member of YASA.

The exhibition traveled to:
Museum of Contemporary Art of the Republika Srpska, Banja Luka