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Working hours

Museum of Contemporary Art
Ušće 10, blok 15, Belgrade

Summer working hours:
Wednesday - Monday: 12:00-20:00
Saturday: 12:00-21:00
The Museum is closed to the public on Tuesday.

Ticket price: 300 rsd
Group ticket price (10 people or more): 200 rsd
Students of universities, high schools and elementary schools, pensioners, holders of EYCA, City Card and City Pass: 150 rsd

Free admission:
Visitors with disabilities, pregnant individuals, children under the age of 7, students and professors of art history, architecture, fine and applied arts faculties, journalists, employees from related cultural institutions, members of ICOM, AICA, IKT, ULUS, ULUPUDS and other professional associations.

Information about group visits and tours is available on 063-862-3129 and

All discounts are realized by presenting valid ID at the Museum till.
Entrance to the Museum is free every Wednesday


Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art
14 Pariska St., Belgrade

The Salon of the MoCAB is closed due to ongoing renovations.


Gallery-Legacy of Milica Zorić & Rodoljub Čolaković

2 Rodoljuba Čolakovića St, Belgrade

Summer working hours: 14:00-21:00
The Legacy is closed to the public on Tuesday.
Entrance to the Legacy is free of charge.

Promotion of the Salon of the MoCAB exhibition catalogues / Salon of the MoCAB, Monday, 09.12.2019 at 6 p.m.

Talk programs | 09.12.2019

Promotion of the Salon of the MoCAB exhibition catalogues

Salon of the MoCAB (Pariska 14)
Monday, 09.12.2019 at 6 p.m.
Programme editor of the Salon of the MoCAB: curator Una Popović

We are inviting you to the catalogue promotion of some of the exhibitions that were realised this year at the Salon of the MoCAB. We will be presenting the following catalogues: “Conquistador. From Culture and Art” by Mariela Cvetić, “No Longer and Not Yet” by the art duo diSTRUKTURA and the group exhibition “Women’s Stories” curated by Mišela Blanuša.

Come join us to discuss some of the most important exhibition held this year.

“Conquistador. From Culture and Art” by Mariela Cvetić problematizes the geography (and history) of the Balkans through Freud, an atypical (dual) representative of the Western gaze on the Balkans, and through his theories that were formed at the end of the 19th century and have had important implications throughout the 20th century and up to the present. The exhibition presented works in a variety of media, drawings, installations and ready-mades. The catalogue includes texts by the artist Mariela Cvetić and Dr Jasmina Čubrilo, professor at the department of art history at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade.

The solo multmedia exhibition “No Longer and Not Yet” by the art duo diSTRUKTURA deals with the changes and the newly created liminal spaces, resulting from the major urban development project in the Belgrade borough, Savalama. Through photographs, videos and an ambient installation, diSTRUKTURA presented in a specific way their research of Belgrade, which on this occasion and often in their work relies on the concept of urban nomadism as a strategy for exploring cities.

The group exhibition “Women’s Stories” at the Salon of the MoCAB dealt with the presentation and affirmation of young women artists in the Serbian art scene. The exhibition presented the works of Gorana Bačevac, Svetlana Bulatović, Sanja Ćopić, Andrea Dramićanin, Jelena Pantelić, Nadežda Krćanski and Tijana Radenković. In their works, they showcased works that re-examine the position and the identity of women through the perspective of women artists. The author of the text in the catalogue is Mišela Blanuša, museum advisor for MoCAB.