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Museum of Contemporary Art
Ušće 10, blok 15, Belgrade

Summer working hours:
Wednesday - Monday: 12:00-20:00
Saturday: 12:00-21:00
The Museum is closed to the public on Tuesday.

Ticket price: 300 rsd
Group ticket price (10 people or more): 200 rsd
Students of universities, high schools and elementary schools, pensioners, holders of EYCA, City Card and City Pass: 150 rsd

Free admission:
Visitors with disabilities, pregnant individuals, children under the age of 7, students and professors of art history, architecture, fine and applied arts faculties, journalists, employees from related cultural institutions, members of ICOM, AICA, IKT, ULUS, ULUPUDS and other professional associations.

Information about group visits and tours is available on 063-862-3129 and

All discounts are realized by presenting valid ID at the Museum till.
Entrance to the Museum is free every Wednesday


Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art
14 Pariska St., Belgrade

The Salon of the MoCAB is closed due to ongoing renovations.


Gallery-Legacy of Milica Zorić & Rodoljub Čolaković

2 Rodoljuba Čolakovića St, Belgrade

Summer working hours: 14:00-21:00
The Legacy is closed to the public on Tuesday.
Entrance to the Legacy is free of charge.

Painters of Continuity: the Painting of the Belgrade Group

Programme | 10.10.2013

Painters of Continuity: the Painting of the Belgrade Group

Gallery of Visual Art (Endowment-Collection of Rajko Mamuzić), 1 Vase Stajića St, Novi Sad
October 10 - November 5, 2013.

Author of the exhibition: Svetlana Mitić, senior curator

The exhibition Painters of Continuity: the Painting of the Belgrade Group offers to the public 36 works from the painting collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art, where one can see the individual contributions of artists that composed the painters’ section of the group, in terms of asserting the mode of painting typical for the post-war Serbian modernism. The group was formed in 1958, and, besides painters like Đorđe Bošan, Ksenija Divjak, Olivera Kangrga, Majda Kurnik, Marklen Mosjenko, Mario Maskareli, it included as its members several sculptors too: Nikola Janković, Angelina Gatalica, Slavoljub Vava Stanković, and Matija Vuković. The group was formed on the initiative which came from Mario Maskareli and Vava Stanković, although the idea itself of starting a group came about as a natural consequence of many years of knowing each other and spending time together by several artists of the similar poetic outlook.

Figurative expression as nurtured by the Belgrade Group is rooted in the vocabulary of the poetic realism and the circle of intimist painting of the 1930s, and in some versions, as practiced by the members of the Belgrade Group, it will serve as a matrix for developing a different subject matter, with often hidden, cryptic meanings, which sometimes tended to be utterly hermetic. The decision to practice this particular visual concept will put a distance between the work of aforementioned artists and the mainstream line of development of the post-war modernism, and will place it at the lateral position in the later considerations of the development of the Yugoslav painting of the 1960s.

Disregarding the position which the painters of the Belgrade Group had in the respective historical circumstances, by their activity and direct participation in the Belgrade visual arts scene they epitomised a mode of developing an approach in painting that was outside the dominant current of socialist aestheticism, thereby also making a contribution to the better understanding of the complexities of the time in which they worked.

Beside the exhibition taking place at the Museum of Contemporary Art, at the Gallery of Visual Art (Endowment-Collection of Rajko Mamuzić) there is also the exhibition under the title Rајkо Маmuzić i Bеоgrаdskа grupа (Rајkо Маmuzić and the Belgrade group), showcasing the paintings and sculptures by seven artists from this collection, all seven members of the Belgrade group of painters; this exhibition aims at presenting Маmuzić’s selection of their works, sheding light on how these found their way into the collection, as well as on the friendly relationship and collaboration between Rajko Mamuzić and the Belgrade group artists. By bringing out to the public the work by the Belgrade group from the funds of the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Endowment-Collection of Rajko Mamuzić, the collaboration between these two important institutions was realised in several directions: these two museum institutions, thus, found some mutual commonalities in terms of their practice, by doing so they complemented the exhibition portrayal of the work of the Belgrade group, and also used the opportunity to put forth the works from their own collections.

The curator at the Endowment-Collection of Rајko Маmuzić is Аnа Rаkić.

Painters of Continuity: the Painting of the Belgrade Group
Painters of Continuity: the Painting of the Belgrade Group
Painters of Continuity: the Painting of the Belgrade Group
Painters of Continuity: the Painting of the Belgrade Group